A special note to all our Members of Parliament...

Dear friends,

Today Canadians from across the country are participating in a "13 Heroes" day of action to defend our democracy, support opposition to Bill C-38 and call for 13 Conservative MPs to work together to stop the Budget Bill, split it, and start over. 

As the continuous voting begins tonight, we’re writing for two reasons. 

Local rallies in front of Conservative MP offices - First, to make sure you know that there will be over 80 rallies in front of Conservative MP offices and support locations across the country, most of which will start at 5:30 PM local time. You can see if there is an event at your office, or in your community at a support location, here: http://heroes.leadnow.ca/search/

Online vigil to support pro-democracy MPs through the voting - Second, we have set up a website where all of the photos from the rallies, and photos from individuals who want to support every MP with concerns about this Budget Bill to stop it, split it and start over, will be collected and presented to support you through the night.

We encourage you to tune in at the website with your laptops and smartphones during the voting for fresh doses of inspiration from the thousands of Canadians from coast to coast who are standing up for their democracy tonight: http://heroes.leadnow.ca/live

And we invite you to join the conversation on twitter by using the #13heroes hashtag which will stream on the page.

To those of you we know will stand up for democracy tonight: thank you. And to those of you we know have grave private concerns, yet are being instructed to vote for this terrible bill against your better judgement, know that thousands of Canadians are watching, and they are sending you courage to stand against Bill C-38. 

With hope and respect, 
Jamie and Matthew on behalf of the Leadnow.ca team

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